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About Free Bird Bail Bonds

Meet Our Experts: David Exum and Chad Hensley

David Exum, the owner and operator of Free Bird Bail Bonds, commenced his illustrious career in the bail bonding and fugitive recovery industry over three decades ago. Licensed as a bondsman for 35 years, he initiated his journey in Virginia Beach, VA.


As the sole proprietor and agent of his small enterprise, David distinguished himself by adopting an unconventional approach. In the early years, he focused on observing the legal system, enabling him to make astute decisions in selecting clients and providing invaluable guidance to them and their families regarding the court and jail systems. His unwavering commitment to professional integrity and prompt, courteous service propelled his business to rapid growth. By the end of the second year, Free Bird Bail Bonds had expanded statewide and beyond, serving Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Colorado. 


David's dedication extended beyond his business as he trained over 60 agents to uphold the same high standards he had set. Believing in offering the same professional service from his agents that he had rendered to clients, he reduced his personal bond-writing activities to allocate more time to community matters.


David actively engaged with the local education system, where he spoke with students about criminal activity, its consequences, and how to avoid becoming a client of Free Bird Bail Bonds. His commitment to community welfare also led him to found the Hampton Roads Bondsmen’s Association, where he served as President, collaborating with court personnel, sheriffs, district attorneys, and local politicians to streamline the criminal justice process. David's leadership extended to the state and national levels, serving as Vice-President and President of the Virginia Bondsmen’s Association and maintaining a long-standing membership in the United States Bail Agent’s Association.


Chad Hensley is a highly regarded member of our team, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to Free Bird Bail Bonds. A proud graduate of Western Carolina University, Chad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Criminology and Forensic Psychology. His educational background, combined with his extensive professional experience, positions him as a valuable asset to our clients.

Chad's journey in the realm of criminal justice began with a distinguished career spanning over a decade with the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety. During this time, he served as an Intensive Probation/Parole Officer, a role that required unwavering dedication and a deep understanding of the criminal justice system. His commitment to justice and public safety led him to participate in various Federal Task Forces, where he worked alongside federal agencies to address complex and high-profile cases.

One remarkable aspect of Chad's career is his dedication to the legal process. He devoted three days of each week to serving in District, Superior, or Federal Courts. This level of involvement allowed him to develop strong and professional relationships with judges, district attorneys, and both public and private criminal attorneys. These connections not only signify his deep commitment to upholding the law but also demonstrate his ability to collaborate effectively with key stakeholders in the legal system.

Since 2015, Chad has transitioned into supervisory roles within the Bail Bonding industry. His extensive background in criminology and his firsthand experience in law enforcement uniquely position him to oversee and manage various aspects of the bail process. His leadership within our team ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise when they need it most.

Together, David and Chad form a dynamic team at Free Bird Bail Bonds, offering a blend of experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to serving clients and the community.

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